Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Exercise, Exercise, Exercise Those Writing Skills.

I went to my first women writers' meetup group today. I'll leave my initial reactions alone for now as I am still processing my opinion and thoughts on the experience. But I did write something. And since I don't plan on doing anything more with it, I'll share it with you all now.

This was a prompt exercise based off of a picture. This was written in 10 minutes with many random voices and things happening around me, so I'm not promising much here:

Her nail was slightly broken. She couldn’t stop chewing on it trying to break it, trying to make it even. The game was close to ending, she was close to losing, probably because she cared more about her broken nail than the game she was playing.

Amy sat at her computer day after day playing the same computer game, chatting with the same people from Tennessee, Italy, small towns from Georgia, Kansas, even Japan. They were all lost souls with nowhere to go but online. Into a world where no one really knew them, where they could be whoever they wanted.

It was the game that changed Amy’s life. Well, not really the game but Tony, the man she met the day she had the broken nail, the man she feel in love with.

Tony was only three hours away. He begged her day after day to meet in person. She learned from CSI and Criminal Minds and Law and Order SVU that it was not a good idea to meet in person, no matter how cute his profile picture was or how funny his jokes were, or how charismatic he seemed to be.

But he was really cute. And funny. And charismatic.

And every day she was convinced just a tiny bit more that it would be okay. Amy loved Tony. He was her soul mate. At least via online game chat rooms.

That's as far as I got. You can take it from there if you'd like.

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  1. My irreverent mind is coming up with infinite possibilities! :-P