Tuesday, May 24, 2011

10 Random Thoughts and 1 Very Random Video (Charlie the Unicorn)

1) Why are my glasses constantly dirty. Even right after I clean them they still don't seem to be that clear.

2) It's amazing how much hair falls out of my scalp every day. I am surprised I still have hairs left in my head. I've come up with an art project for all this hair, but I'm not going to say it because you might be a thief.

3) I wish someone would take all of my inventions and actually create them. I'd split the profit with them 50/50...maybe even 40/60 if it was a really profitable idea. (I have a fantastic billion dollar idea but I need a computer programmer--if you know of one)

4) Almost every night right when I'm trying to go to sleep and feel guilty for all the things I didn't accomplish that day--usually it has to do with writing and not writing enough.

5) They say that a person drastically changes every 7 years (I don't know who says it I just know someone does) if that is the case I have drastically turned into a terrible public speaker. I need to get my shit together when talking to strangers. I think it has to do with just hanging out in my room all day solo; so when I actually meet people who want to interact with me I get a little overeager and a lot of anxious. I over-analyze the entire conversation while we're having the conversation or while I am speaking in front of people. It's not only exhausting it's embarrassing.

6) I was seriously going to start seriously running; but now all it does is rain. So that plan has been eliminated and now I just sit around getting fat.

7) People talk about being fat-positive; and though I believe it's fine for other people to be fat if that's what they want, personally I feel better un-fat. Fit. I feel better when I fit together tighter. Stronger. Leaner. But that's just what makes me happy others can do/eat/be what they want.

8) Every day I say I'm going to try to be more positive. And it works too. Until I'm around other people, then I turn into a monster. Rarwarhar. Okay, maybe not a monster, but I just get confused by their behavior, which pisses me off, which makes me think negative thoughts. I'm going to stop letting other people bother me though. They can't help it. They don't even know. So why should it matter so much to me?

9) Is there anyone out there in this whole big wide world who wants to fix my hair? I mean last time I complained about it, but this time, this time it desperately needs work. I would almost allow anything to happen. Especially if it included transforming the color. Or maybe just shaving it off.

10) My new favorite writing trick is "writing the worst sentence of all time." It's sort of like reverse psychology. If I can get myself to at least write the worst sentence I at least now have a sentence to fix instead of nothing. And something is almost always better than nothing. At least when it comes to writing.

And now a very random video for your entertainment:


  1. Rarwarhar! That is a cute roar! You need to work on that! :-)