Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What do you taste like?

Good taste

Is it possible to determine who has it and who doesn’t? To me it seems even more subjective than who is beautiful, because at least with beauty there have been scientific studies to determine it’s mainly about being in proportion. But, how can one person claim they have “better” taste over someone else? Or that someone simply doesn’t have it at all? Isn’t that, in a way, creating god in your own image? Especially if you’re assuming that everyone has to have the same taste as you in order for it to be good.

This seems quite problematic in that if I started plucking off friends who didn’t like the same things as me I would have none left. Especially since I don’t like creamy martinis. I wouldn’t even be able to live with Ryan because I find his taste in bananas utterly repulsive. And what about all my friends who are married or getting married or have children or want children. Do I just shun them because their lifestyle tastes are alternative to mine?

So, what do we do? Isn’t at least a similarity in tastes how we connect with people and become friends? Yet, don’t they also say that opposites attract? In the end it seems, perhaps, we should just leave taste at the table and let it go if it isn’t on your plate.

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