Thursday, January 7, 2010

100 (or so) words on: That stupidly tall building in Dubai & Viagra sheets

Really men, when will you get over your cocks? It’s no longer impressive to have the “tallest” building in the world, especially when there is a major recession and we can imagine that money going to actually helping the people instead of giving the country an illusion of grandeur.

Congratulations Dubai you now have the biggest dick in the world, how are you going to use it, who are you going to penetrate, what are you going to reproduce with that enormous thing?

Speaking of cocks. Not only do men need to prove their endowment by constructing ridiculously tall building but now they also can get a hard on just by lying down in bed. Yes. There is a new invention that laces sheets with Viagra—which not only seems harmful but is lavishly unnecessary. Why do men get the privilege of fucking into old wrinkly shriveled age yet women can’t even get full reproductive care? Yes, let’s worry about men’s boners but let’s not take a moment to consider who those men are sticking it into or whether or not the women (or other men) really want them old and hard. Men shouldn't get full access to fuck until women get full access to their own bodies.

Guess what men? We get it. You have dicks. We don't need giant buildings and hard-on laced sheets to figure it out. So put them back in your pants and calm it down.

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