Sunday, January 24, 2010

200 (or so) Words on: Strange Injuries

Is it just me or do other people wake up to find bruises in strange places, soreness in obscure muscles, or cuts and scrapes that have no memory attached to them. I have a giant bruise on my big toe, it hurts so much, yet I have no recollection of how or when I damaged it. It’s starting to worry me. I’m starting to imagine that I have a secret sleep-walking life, a life of pure clumsiness, but a sleep-walking alternative life none the less. How can I run into things or have things fall on me or have things kick me or have things attack me and not recall any of it? Am I blacking it out because it’s pure torture? I think I’m going to start taking notes when I bang my body on something, that way I can look back and go, oh yeah, that bruise is from when I smashed my head on the refrigerator’s freezer door or that’s when I was play-kicking Ryan and accidently karate-clubbed the wall instead. It’s the only way to keep my injurious life style from causing me pure mental instability. But for now, I’ll just have to down some ibuprofen and try to forget about the pain.

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