Thursday, January 21, 2010

Another conspiracy (Conan) theory

Last night my conspiracy theory mind was running rampant. It happened when Conan, for like the millionth time this week, was bitching about NBC. He decided that since NBC has to basically pay for whatever he does until he gets released he’s going to ridiculously spend their money. Following that comment he brought out the most expensive car available for purchase dressed up like a mouse. Okay. So we get it. But this is where I started to get that weird tingly sensation in my brain when it goes into over analysis and I perhaps overthink a moment. Was this NBC, Conan, and Leno’s idea all along—perhaps not all along, but it was at least heavily discussed. Look at the representation of Conan. He is now an American hero. He represents all the people who have been fucked over in the last few years, but he gets to earn his revenge on national television. He gets to over-spend company money and he gets to slam his boss over and over again (to the point of redundancy). He gets to do everything most people who have gotten “let go” dream about doing. And what ideal timing. Right in the middle of a major recession when more people can invest more time in television because they have no money to do anything else. After the show ends and he gets his 33 million severance pay he can basically do whatever he wants for the rest of his life—another major vicarious dream come true for his audience. In the end, we know it will not end badly for Conan. Perhaps the other people on his staff are going to get fucked but no one can relate to their boring ass lives so who the fuck cares?

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