Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Corporatocracy: What Your $ Buys

Is there even a point in bothering with politics anymore? Since the recent Supreme Court decision to allow corporations to spend as much money on political campaigns as they want, I am wondering why they don’t just come out and blatantly admit that the government doesn’t run the country at all; big business does. We have no democracy but a corporatocracy. It really has nothing to do with who the better candidate is, but which one has more money stuffed in his or her pockets. The candidate isn’t even a person, but a puppet used to pull strings so corporations can do whatever they want—hence why corporations are considered individuals. I’m sure, when given enough money (under the table of course) Justices (or any human) would call a building a tree if they were bribed with enough cash to do so. But hasn’t it gotten tiring, hasn’t that theme, that plot-line, been over-played? Sure, money can buy control, but do you, personally, want to be controlled by people with the most money? Have you ever met an extremely rich person? They have no concept of living under capitalism because they are capitalism. What you’re buying is their freedom. What you’re buying is their control over you. It’s their vote, not yours.

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