Monday, January 4, 2010

Health Care and the VA

Last night on 60 Minutes they discussed all the problems with Veterans Affairs medical and disability issues. Which made me shout at the TV “Universal Health Care!” I then started to think that maybe that’s another element holding us back. If we had universal health care then people going into the military would have one less incentive to join.

Of course people in the armed forces should receive medical care and they should be compensated for their disabilities caused by war, but why should every day civilians not have health care available for them? I find it complete bullshit that there is not a public option. I find it complete bullshit that the senate passed a new bill over the holiday break and we have not heard it mentioned again since. If I researched it I could find out, but why should I have to do that? Shouldn’t they tell the public what the fuck they’re doing? (Maybe it’s because they’re not doing anything?)

We watch 60 Minutes and get propagandaized into thinking that what the government is doing to our service people is fucked up (which it is) but they don’t even talk about the BIGger picture which is what the government is doing to EVERYONE. The medical and disability issues of veterans really wouldn’t be an issue-- wouldn’t even be necessary to talk about, if the government took care of all U.S. citizens’ medical and disability issues (but then they’d have to battle the capitalist insurance giants and that would just be too difficult wouldn’t it?).

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