Tuesday, January 5, 2010

100 (or so) words on: January Diets

Is it torturous to just me to start a diet in January? Who thought of this stupid-ass scheme to guilt people for eating all through the Winter holiday and then convince everyone to cut out everything fattening and only eat fruits and vegetables. FRUITS AND VEGETABLES ARE NOT IN SEASON IN JANUARY! I mean really, what the fuck can you eat in January that’s fresh? Who is going to keep a diet when they can only eat frozen foods reheated to mushy half-foods? No wonder this is a repetitive yearly cycle of over-eating, fasting, over-eating. Our bodies are not in the mood for a low-cal diet in the middle of winter. It just doesn’t make sense. That’s why it never works. If people really want to lose weight they need to break this stupid cycle and just start taking care of their bodies on a daily basis not just when the treadclimber commercials return to the airwaves.

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