Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Beauty is in the Eye...

I heard somewhere that changing your hair style is an indication of an alteration in thinking, perhaps that’s why I’ve changed it so much in my life… but it is interesting to think of people who can pull off many different looks and people who really look good in just one particular hair style. It doesn’t necessarily signify that that person isn’t thinking any differently than the day before just that their hair is incapable of accentuating their features in any other flattering manner.

Hair is generally more important to people than I would like to give it credit for. Tyra even went weave-less today to prove that natural hair is beautiful—though I have to say just because, you Tyra are beautiful, doesn’t mean the hair you’ve been hiding from people for over a decade is…though kudos for “taking risks”.

Which brings up the vital philosophical argument of what is beauty? We then have to get into a debate about binaries and about cultural and socioeconomic influences. ergh. So, in a sense, my ideas of beauty are both socially implanted in my brain as well as individuated through experiences and ideas not similar to any one else—the advantage of a singular North American life. And is this wrong—no because it’s where I stand and what I know. It doesn’t make my view have any more or less significance than any of other person besides the fact that I have the ability to share it with multiple people through advancements in technology.

Here are some things that I find beautiful:

D.I.Y artistic expression (of most kinds)
my friends because why would I hang out with ugly people?
my family because why would ugly people be related to me?
trees in all seasons, but especially when they’re falling
clouds when they’re rolling
puppy dogs and rainbows and unicorns (for Amanda)
people who stay gray
polyamory (I don’t know if I could do it, but I’d admire those who can)
water in all its different forms
and quiet
loud and intelligent music
Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Bikini Kill
The Gossip
The Ettes
Patti Smith

Feminists…. well, most of them, like Gloria Anzaldua, bell hooks, Audre Lorde, Donna Harroway etc.

Baked potatoes
Romaine lettuce
Long walks
short walks
chocolate and

Long lists…

What do you find beautiful? List away if you please…


  1. Krystal.....you are one of the most beautiful souls I've ever had the pleasure on knowing.

  2. of knowing......not on! I guess I need to put on my glasses!