Monday, September 14, 2009

Sleater-Kinney Random Shuffle

Today, while jogging, my i-pod kept shuffling Sleater-Kinney songs. I thought perhaps I had it specified to only play Sleater-Kinney so I tried to fix it, but it didn’t matter, my i-pod really wanted me to listen to them, probably because they’re kick ass amazing. So I considered it a sign to do some reflecting and write about how often their songs help me through the day as I generally do not make it through a day without

listening to at least one of their tunes.

Whenever I want to feel connected to the world and laugh at all the bullshit I listen to “Modern Girl” from The Woods and I go buy me a doughnut cuz the hole is the size of the entire world.

“My baby loves me

I’m so happy

happy makes me a modern girl

I took my money and bought a tv

tv brings me closer to the world”

Along the same lines—when I am mad at the patriarchy (which is quite often) I really LOVE to jam out to #1 Must Haves (amongst others) on All Hands on the Bad One

“All and i think that i sometimes might have wished

for something more than to be a size six

but now my inspiration rests

inbetween my beauty magazines

and my credit card bills

I've been crawling up so long

on your stairway to heaven

and now i no longer believe

that i want to get in

and will there always be concerts

where women are raped?

watch me make up my mind instead of my face

the number one must have is that we are safe”

When I am in the need to run long and far One Beat—the entire album… keeps me in rhythm and rocking

for as far as I want to go.

“If you think like Thomas Edison could you invent a word for me

now all that’s on the surface are bloody arms and oil fields

could I turn this place upside down

and shake you and your fossils out? oh, oh.”

When I have had a bad day at work... okay when I used to have bad days at work, now I do nothing of the sort, I would listen to this upon leaving the building and it always made me feel better. Now I listen to it whenever I am in large crowds of people.

“Jumpers” The Woods

“I spend the afternoon in cars

I sit in traffic jams for hours

don’t push me I am not okay

The sky is blue most every day

the lemons grow like tumors, they are tiny suns infused with sour”

Before any performance or speech I do I like to have “Entertain” pulse through my ears and stimulate my brain so I can go into it with an attitude and rock people's socks off.

“So you want to entertain,

please look away (don’t look away)

we’re not here cause we want to entertain

go away (don’t go away)

Reality is the new fiction they say

truth is truer these days, truth is man-made

If you’re here cause you want to be entertained

Go away, please go away” The Woods

Those are just of the few reasons I listen, lust and love Sleater-Kinney. I wish they would reunite and run this world… but I guess if they don’t want to play anymore I’ll do my best to create my own music and hope it inspires others as much as S-K has inspired me.

“All our little wishes have gone dry

Made it to the water, waded in the lies

When we felt the heat

Couldn't turn it into fire

Too caught up in our own desires

Said "I Do" in the month of May

said "I Don't" the very next day

Will they try again?

Or is it doom for them?

Moved to a city

Where hippies run wild

Everything's white

Now so are the smiles

They tried, to fight the good fight” “Wilderness”, The Woods

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