Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bagel Schmagels

I couldn’t find any bagels at the store that I wanted or could afford so I made them myself. I have never before made bagels and it was actually way easier than I had imagined.

I used my bread machine recipe; once the dough was done I shaped them into balls, flattened them and put a hole in the middle. Then I let them sit for ten minutes. Once they had gotten enough rest I threw them in hot boiling water for a minute so they'd plump up nice and big for me. Once fully plump and pretty I took them out of the pot, glazed them with seeds and popped them in the oven until brown.

Then I ate them all up. They were delicious and much better than anything at a regular ole grocery store. (okay I didn't eat them all at once, but they will be gone soon, especially with Ryan around.)

And that is what I have done with my day.


  1. WOW, a woman that can cook and bake!
    Those bagels would do much better in my tummy, rather than just sitting there on your Blog

    Peace and Love

  2. I am really impressed! You have mad kitchen skillz!

  3. wow. now I wanna make bagels. Your pizza is awesome as well...