Thursday, August 18, 2011

9 Random Thoughts: Hoops, 90's Women's Power, and more.

Even more random thoughts (because I've been randomly thinking lately)

1) Hula-hooping is hard. It's also hard to spell. Personally I would have given it two oo's but I guess the u will do. I didn't realize until I was doing it and it was falling to the ground over and over that you're actually supposed to move front to back, not swirl your hips like a hooker on a bad date. But I'm pretty sure the hula-hooping helped me not be so hungover today. Funny how that works.

2) A friend is sleeping on our couch. I can hear him snore and I'm like 4 rooms away. I would hate to be his g/f, put a sock in it or something.

3) I hit my knuckle on the bottom of a pool. It hurts really bad. I don't get why this tiny cut hurts so bad. It probably has weird bacteria floating around in from the hot tube I was sitting in later that night.

4) I'm pretty sure Ryan just came into this room to fart. Cuz now he's not in the room anymore and it smells like a skunky dirty diaper. That was incredibly rude. And now everyone else knows about it, what revenge, yes.

5) En Vogue. What happened to them? Actually what happened to all the 90's women-power bands? It's like all these amazingly strong songs about equality and awesomeness came out, then it didn't change the world like they thought and now we just have Lady Gaga babbling about being a freak. Woopty doo. (Or it was just a marketing campaign during the GIRL Power era idk I was like 8.)

6) It's still hot out. Is it hot where you are? I mean, like I could use a fan in here.

7) You have the right to loose control. According to En Vogue. You also ain't ever gonna get it. Wow. This is a lame thought.

8) I'd like to give Boulder citizens a lesson in driving/parking. Like a refresher course. If I were a cop I'd pull over the a-holes that never use their blinkers and the people who park in parking lots half-assed. But. That's just me. I enjoy traffic rules--because they keep me from WRECKING MY CAR. But I guess other people don't really care about that.

9) My brain hurts from trying to think of more random thoughts. Guess I didn't have as many as I thought.

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  1. A real life fart anecdote? I need to reach for some form of support before the transformation spins me out of control! :-P