Thursday, August 11, 2011

6 Thoughts on the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Series.

Okay. So I didn't reach my goal of reading all three Girl With the/Girl Who series in three weeks. I was off by two days. And I still haven't watched the final movie but here are some of my thoughts anyway.
1) Is it weird to anyone else that the author, Stieg Larsson, just happened to die after turning in his manuscripts? Seems like there might be a conspiracy theory there.

2) Speaking of the author, after finishing all three, I felt I had just completed reading some dude's fantasy--like all of these characters were manifestations of who he wanted to be but wasn't--particularly Blomkvist.

3) The guy who plays Blomkvist in the movies is really unattractive. I find it in no way believable that he's a playa'.

4) The books make me want to take up boxing.

5) It's hard not to love Salander but who she loves/fucks is a bit weird. Like, I understand being attracted to people regardless of gender--but usually it's not such a all-encompassing list. For example, thinking both Maggie and Jake Gyllenhaal are hot--that makes sense, but fucking a 16 year old boy, than a 23 (whatever) year old woman, then by the end fucking all those old men. It seems strange that she doesn't have a type at all and just likes to screw whoever (hence why I felt it turned into an authorial fantasy).

6) They weren't bad reads, I'll give them that. They resonate which I find shocking. Usually books that are super duper popular are duds to me, but these were fun. Maybe because the main character was a kick-ass woman and there were underlying messages of polamory and ending violence against women.

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  1. I just LOVED the amount of KICK-ASS-NESS Lisbeth's character exudes from every pore! Whoa!