Saturday, August 6, 2011

Smooth Moves: Another Bar Experience.

I was 'Round Midnight after midnight watching mating rituals from my usual perch above the dance floor. Somehow I became a part of the story without really trying or really wanting it to happen. I was standing next to this Indian dude wearing a Slipknot shirt. He leaned over.

To me: "Why aren't you dancing?"
"Why aren't you dancing?"
"Do you want to dance?"
"There are so many women out there already for you to choose from."
"I don't want to dance with just some random girl."
"I'm a random girl; we've never met before, I'm just as much a stranger as anyone else here."
"But the only way to make someone not random is to try."
"True. But I think I'll stay a stranger."

Sad face.

Man, that was awkward. I should have told him to buy me a drink and I'd think about it. Dang! Pretty sure he didn't try to dance with anyone else that night. Now I feel bad.

Just so men are aware, rejecting you isn't easy for us either.

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  1. He should come to me for lessons on how to quit when he's ahead! Love your casual observations on "mating rituals" - indeed these are so!