Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Faking It: Middle Schoolers Interpretation of Adulthood.

We live pretty close to a middle school and yesterday we witnessed quite the performance art scenes.

First a large group of middle school boys kept fake fighting each other of the street. They threw gang signs around and circled in on one boy and "pretend" kicked him. Over and over. Of course they were doing this right on the side of one of the biggest intersections in town, eventually, they got what they wished for. Someone called it in and a police car showed up. They all played innocent and nothing happened, their bus showed up and they all got on. It was quite the entertainment.

About thirty minutes later a group of middle school girls sat waiting for the bus--all in sports uniforms. We started hearing loud moaning, when I looked out the window one of the girls was "fake" stripping on the bus stop pole.

So the boys want to fight and the girls want to fuck.

Or, they are just a reflection of our societies expectations. Neither of the groups realized it I'm sure, but they were obviously products of our environment, directly influenced by the mainstream culture. And the fact that they were separated by gender is telling of how we treat people going through puberty.

I don't know, I found the whole thing fascinating. (Ryan taped a bit of the "fighting" but I don't have it uploaded yet). Anyway, I'm looking forward to some more entertainment today, though I'm sure the boys will be better behaved since "the man" came and had a word with them.

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