Tuesday, August 16, 2011

10 Random Thoughts: Garbage. Yes. Mostly on Garbage.

10 Random Thoughts!
1) Do Garbage Collectors start out incredibly early in the morning because they are bitter and pissed off that they collect garbage for a living? And do they have the loudest engines and beeping beepers they can possibly possess just for added acknowledgment to the rest of the us that they are out there? We get it. You collect garbage. We're a trashy society. Now please, let me sleep in a bit longer.

2) Why is it that I can never find recipes I already cooked from? And then when I go looking for said recipe again it has magically disappeared off the face of the internet. I didn't think anything really disappeared off the face of the internet. But I guess recipes do.

3) Ryan puts hairspray in his hair. Hairspray smells funky. It ruins my coffee drinking.

4) I am actually not in a bad mood as the last few random thoughts may lead you to believe.

5) I can't watch Ryan eat. Still. After five years. I am amazed at the amount of crap he can put in his mouth at once (and by crap I mean food).

6) As I was saying, I am not in a bad mood. I don't really even care about the garbage trucks that much because my hangover woke me up way before they did. They're just loud. Which I find completely unnecessary. I'm not really that hungover either. So that's exciting news.

7) I think women need a new style of underwear. Has anyone seen that c-string? It's like a wired g-string. That's right, a g-string made out, instead of string, wire. Who the fuck thought that would be a good idea? Seriously. A man had to be behind that design. I think someone should come out with women boxers. Like the opposite of spanx. Just let everything hang where it wants to hang.

8) Ryan is paranoid that I am writing about him.

9) Hahaha.

10) Could somebody find me something delicious to do with kale that doesn't involve making them into chips?

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