Wednesday, February 2, 2011

On Actually Being Sick.

So I wasn't being a hypochondriac the other day, I was though, being a bad speller, but that's no surprise. Anyway. I actually did come down with a cold which got me thinking how much I couldn't handle anything major happening to me. I am over-dramatic when I am sick.

But I also don't care.

And that's so nice.

I'm taking this time to really soak in the feeling of not caring. I mean, my body is too tired to exert that kind of energy anyway.

I really hope I can stay in this calm a bit longer. The sickness can go away but the rest can hang around for awhile.

Maybe this rest will allow a new "me" to blossom.

Sometimes it's good to get sick, get all the bad stuff out. Become again.

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