Thursday, February 24, 2011

Coffee, Time, and Inventions that Could Save the World.

The problem with the french press is that it doesn't stay warm very long. Well, it's really hot when I want to drink it. Then I burn my tongue. So I wait. The first cup is a good temperature, but if I want anymore I basically have to chug the coffee so it doesn't go cold. Or, I have to re-heat it.

And can I just say, I'm not a big fan of microwaved coffee. I've really been contemplating an invention that could keep my french press coffee warm--0r an invention that could warm it up without it tasting burnt or giving me microwaved cancer.

The first thing I thought of were "heat rocks" like ice cubes except their hot. Problem is I don't really have a good way to warm them up (if I'm trying to not use the microwave). Nor do I have a way to get them into the coffee without burning my fingers.

The next thing I thought of was a heat pad--where I could just set my french press on top of it and it would stay warm...but the press is made out of plastic and I'm no engineer so I have no idea what materials I could use to prevent burnage.

I then thought that I could plug my coffee pot in and dump the french press coffee into the pot and keep it heated that way...but isn't that just a major pain in the bum? I mean, if I'm going to use the coffee pot, why not just make the coffee in it?

So anyway, I'm sure there is already some sort of invention out there--just like when I invented the self-rising toilet seat or the alarm clock that wakes you up with "sun" light and of course, how could I forget my mini-martini invention.

It saddens me that I am not quick enough to the patent office. . . but maybe if I didn't have to reheat my coffee that extra minute could get me there before anyone else. . .


  1. Like a cozy? I am eyeballing this one :)

  2. Those are cute! Another friend suggested a cozy as well. I wonder how much longer it actually keeps it warm though...

  3. Yep - I posted a Bodum French Press cozy link from Amazon on your FB post, besides the other Etsy one! That one is electric, and should work better than the non-electric versions. But even I had no idea that there were such things available for purchase - there goes another one of your brilliant patent-worthy ideas. Maybe you should get thee to the patent office before these (obviously out to read your brainwaves and take credit for being innovative) people the next time around! :-)

  4. At starbucks we used to have an insulated french press, kind of like a thermos because we would leave them out for samplings. i bet you could get one from there if you were inclined to.