Saturday, February 26, 2011

Dear Companies Who Have Rejected Me:

It's nice not having to get up early to make it to work at the exact time every day. And it's nice not having to stay at work (whether I have actual work to do or not) until a precise daily leave time. It's nice not to have a boss. Or restrictions. Or a dress code. It's nice to be able to work on whatever I want whenever I want to.

But, it's not so nice that my work is never compensated.

And it's not so nice that I have all this talent going to waste that could be used to improve your business or your non-profit. But it's not really my fault is it?

No. I've tried. I've written "you" letters. I've even gone in to meet several of "you." And I've even pestered a few of you, basically begging to let "you" let me help "you."

All I can say is, your loss.

I'll use my energy and creativity for my own good (which directly correlate to the good of all people). And perhaps before my savings runs out one of "you" will notice, one of "you" will actually read my letters, enjoy my company/conversation and want me.

And if not, just remember when I am swinging upside down from a pole (and at her age, who knew!) I will be thanking all of "you" (those of you who wouldn't hire me and those of you who over-populated this earth with people "better" than me).

Yes. I am bitter. Yes. I am cynical. I am highly educated, talented, and way more creative than 93% of the population. Yes, I hate capitalism and I hate the idea of working "for the man," but this doesn't mean I should have to be homeless and hungry. This doesn't mean that my education, talents and creativity should just shrivel up and die! But that's what "you" all seem to be trying to do.

Well FUCK YOU and your quotation marks!!!!!

I don't want YOU either.

And anyone else who is being ignored, rejected, hated-on, please feel free to join me in not only saying F U! But in the creation of our own "thing." We can make our own money. And do what we want (including setting our own hours and wearing yoga pants to work).

We just have to believe we're worthy and skilled enough to risk it. So, if you're with me, give me a holla'. I'm going to begin brainstorming so I can win my own future. (Take that Obama speech writers!)

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