Tuesday, February 22, 2011

10 Important Questions On: The end of the world, technology, veganism, writing, zits and more!

1) Is there always an "end of the world" scare looming over people? I mean didn't people think the world was going to collapse in 2000 based on bad computer coding and it becoming a new century? Obviously it didn't happen. Nothing happened. Yet, 2012 looms nearer--should we really be worried?
2) Are we better or worse due to advancements in technology? What does that even mean? How can that even be determined? Obviously we can't know what we would be like now if we didn't have those things because we do have those things; thus the question is should we embrace them wholeheartedly, ease into them, always be slightly suspicious, or go off the grid entirely (do it Amish style)?

3) Writing fiction seems really complicated. I mean creating whole human beings out of thin air, making them dimensional, making them have depth and motivations, allowing the story to move forward in a thrilling page-turning way. Creating made-up events in an attempt to connect with other people. I just don't if I'm capable. I'm wondering if I should just stick to non-fiction?

4) Why does coffee taste so much better pressed than from a pot?

5) Why do I still get zits?
6) Should I really be meditating? Everyone keeps shouting at me, "Yes!, Yes!" and I try it off and on, it's okay. But mainly it has just become another thing I feel guilty about not doing. How does one stop feeling guilty--I bet people will suggest meditating. Ha!

7) If the government cuts funding to all non-profits etc. and truly turns into a completely neoliberal free market society, will we all become like third-world citizens? I don't know about the rest of you all but cutting birth control to poor people is one of the worst government mistake I can think of...and then not letting those kids who pop out watch Sesame Street, wtf? Maybe our world really is going to end soon.

8) I find it a little annoying and very distracting that so many people attempt to "remake" traditional meals into vegan meals instead of creating new better tasting ones. I understand that transitions are important, but sometimes I wonder if the good original vegan creations get lost in the chick'n parmesans and mac and cheez's of vegan kitchens. But whatever makes people happy. I'm just wondering where I can find some recipes that are tasty and not rip-offs from my great-grandma's lard-infested beef stocked cookbooks?

9) Am I the only person who, on a daily basis, gets pissed off at the atrocities that are constantly occurring? Both BIG mega events like genocide and every day craptastic things like people not sharing the sidewalk and living in a rape/violence/misogynist friendly environment? These things and many more make me angry. And I hope I'm not the only one.

10) If 2012 is the end of the world or even a major shift in the world should I be doing something better with my life right now? How could I ever really know that? Unless there is a parallel universe out there... I wonder...

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