Wednesday, February 9, 2011

How Much Would You Pay for Happiness?

I just watched this documentary called The Great Happiness Space, which is about host men in Japan who entertain women at high-end bars. It was so weird. I'm still trying to wrap my brain around it. What I found to be most interesting is that 70-80% of the women who go to these host bars also work in the sex industry as prostitutes or dancers. Perhaps that's what I don't get. These women know the men are just acting, that the men don't really care about them, just like they don't care about the Johns they give blow jobs too, and yet these women spend hundreds to thousands of dollars just to get attention (and drink champagne).

Obviously I don't understand this culture at all. All I can suggest is that the women take a trip over to America and come to the bars here. Then they may never want to pay for attention again, they'd get an over-abudance of it. To the point where they may even pay the men to go away.

But, of course, when one pays for it one get to select who she is getting attention from.

If you could hang-out with a Jake Gyllenhaal look alike or a Ryan Gosling type, would you pay to get attention from him?

Is there a fantasy or dream-like reality scenario you would pay for? And if so what is it?

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