Tuesday, August 10, 2010

5 word/phrases I want to Use MORE

Words/phrases I want to use more often.

1) Nimrod

Ex. If you don’t know how to walk properly on the sidewalk you are a nimrod.

(or) Quit being such a f-ing nimrod. (this is how I prefer to use it)

2) Dough Butt

Oh. Well. I’m in the middle of writing a song (don’t even think about theifing it, I got a copyright what what) it goes:

Oh she got a dough butt

Makes me want to knead it

Roll it

Slap it

Eat it

Oh that dough butt

I just want to bite it

Bake it

Shake it

Shape it

Make it mine…. Yum.

3) Old glute stretch

Ex. Wow, that hike we took was an old glute stretch.

(Or) Oh my goddess quit acting like an old glute stretch.

4) Therefore

Ex. We ate beans therefore we got gas.

(or) I only have two television stations therefore I enjoy watching all ION and channel 4 shows!

5) Poop sweat

Ex. Wow, it smells like poop sweat in here.

(Or) I’m sorry sir but it seems as if you have an issue with poop sweat and you’ll need medical treatment to cure that.

(or) OMG who's ass is leaking poop sweat? It’s worse than a scared skunk in here.

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