Monday, August 9, 2010

Hard Dicks

Movie goers should start a revolt. No more blood until we see some cum. Okay. Maybe we shouldn’t go to that extreme but isn’t it messed up that we are constantly being bombarded with people blowing up, getting shot, getting mutilated in one way or another but we still can’t see a hard dick? Why are hard dicks only allowed in pornos? What makes them so freaking special that they need to stay covered up all the time? Many of us probably think they look funny because we don’t see them on a regular basis. When we were teenage girls it would have been helpful to know what we were potentially going to get involved with.

Yet, I’m surprised more men don’t have complexes. Every time a man gets a hard on in the movies it’s for comedic effect. He’s in public, next to the girl he likes and he doesn’t want her or anyone to point it out, ba ha ha. It’s his little (or big) secret. Shouldn’t men get embarrassed when they get hard? Everyone I’ve ever met never has, so what’s the deal. Is it because it’s never seen it becomes some holier-than-thou, sitting on a pedestal organ? Men seem to really prize their cocks yet men in Hollywood want to keep them all a secret for bedtime fantasies.

And wouldn’t we all have different movie star crushes if we could know… or wouldn’t there be different movie stars because of it. And if not different movie stars at least a few well-endowed stand-ins could get a paycheck.

All I know is that I’m really tired of this puritanical aesthetic. We can show murder after murder, war after war, but when it comes to pleasure, watch out world, what an offense. Would it really be so wrong to show a woman having multiple orgasms or a man ripe and ready for a sensual evening? I guess if the media showed people having more pleasure they wouldn’t be able to rip people off with their fear mongering as often, and we all know what a killing they make scaring people into buying shit. Scaring people into conforming consumer machines. Scaring people into being scared of a natural human occurrence, a natural hard dick.

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