Friday, August 6, 2010

Boulder First Impressions

Yeah. The guys here don't look like this... not that I've seen so far anyway. But besides the stereotypical white-girl-with-dreads there has been a plentitude of cargo pants and broken ankles. Often the broken ankle is being accented by the cargo pants. Now, most people don't carry cargo pants as well as these muscular men and cargo pants could be one of the most unattractive fashion pieces a person can wear but I'll take the cargo pants as long as the people stay friendly. And so far we've been in luck. Strange to walk down the sidewalk and have at least 80% of the people we come across say hello--the exact opposite of what it was like in Chicago when people avoided each other because they were afraid the other would want something--like the other person's wallet.

Yesterday I walked (that's right walked) to a brewery and had a $2.77 beer, good beer. And because of the elevation I am somehow getting buzzed quicker! Yay! I hope that lasts because it will save my wallet some cash.

As soon as I find a job I think this is going to be a fine new establishment for my living. Now, all I need is some cargo pants and I'll be set.

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  1. Back in 2003, I relocated from NY to Boulder. It's definitely a different world. Enjoy the exploration of this foreign land.