Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Why Didn't Your Mom Have an Abortion? Do Future Moms Have a Choice?

This is just the beginning of a long list of bills that are currently on our legislature's table. Amendment 62 is Colorado based and is trying again after 2008 Amendment 48 failed (which is basically the same bill with a different name).

What is the deal with these pro-life people trying to change the SUPREME court's decision? I mean, come on! This is what you want to worry about? Unborn fetuses? What about all the people who are ALIVE and need our help?

Maybe before we get all self-righteous we should focus on ourselves and our own lives. As my grandparents have always said, "it's not our business what our neighbors do as long as they don't bother us."

And, well. I agree. A choice is a choice is a choice.

The lowdown on Amendment 62

According to The Boulder Weekly:

"Amendment 62, known unofficially as the Definition of Person amendment and the Fetal Personhood amendment, seeks to apply the term “person” to “every human being from the beginning of biological development of that human being.”

What does it mean if it passes? Basically, women will go to the bottom of the oppression totem poll once again.

Amendment 62, if passed, would,

1) Ban abortion at any stage for any reason (including getting raped by your own dad).
2) Outlaw certain forms of birth control (like the morning after pill).
3) Would affect in vitro fertilization (doctors and couples could be charged with murder for discarding unused fertilized eggs).
4) Would affect stem cell research (in about every way you can think of).
5) Would allow the government to get even more involved with one's own personal medical health decisions (and aren't we all mature enough to make our own decisions about our own bodies?).

In conclusion. This amendment is total bullshit. And I for one am tired of always having to deal with this kind of baloney every time I go to the polls. I propose an amendment to stop all these anti-abortion amendments.... oh wait, our governmental democracy already made a decision on our national abortion law in, what was it like 1973; 12 years before I was even alive (thanks to my mother's choice); Roe v. Wade anyone?

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