Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Facing death via a bicycle...

So I just read that a man fell 120 feet while rock climbing. He fell in the middle of the highway. He was not wearing a helmet. He didn’t die, but he’s in the hospital and will probably be permanently fucked up in the brain the rest of his life. I understand the want to overcome Mother Nature’s challenges, but I have personal problems not tripping over a loose pebble when I walk on a flat trail. I wonder what gives people the complete confidence to tackle a massive rock with minimal safety precautions. Are they just risk-takers? Are they already half-retarded? Or do they think they’re immortal and nothing would ever happen to them? I guess I’m slightly more frightened of death than I want to believe. It took me several weeks to get back on a bicycle after twelve years. I didn’t want to ride next to cars. I’ve already been hit by a car just walking, and neither me or the car was going that fast and it still fucking hurt. I guess I am paranoid that I’ll be going too fast down one of these hills and a car will sideswipe me and that will be the end of who I am as a person now….I will either die or more unfortunate, end up permanently fucked up in the brain the rest of my life. And that’s not the kind of headline I want to make in the news.

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