Thursday, August 19, 2010

Start every day with a smile and get it over with. ~W.C. Fields

I was walking back from the bank and two Big & Tall men were walking toward me. I am almost passed them when one of the Men’s Warehouse guys says, rather loudly, “SMILE! You’re Beautiful!” and since I was the only one around I assumed they were referring to me. And here is my response.

1) Thank you for the compliment.

2) Beauty isn’t everything.

3) The next person to tell me to smile when I am perfectly comfortable keeping no expression on my face WILL be punched in the forehead…or the nose… or the balls.

Is it so impossible for a “beautiful” woman to not conform to the wishes of every man that walks down the sidewalk? Why is it that attractive people are supposed to be happy all the time? Am I not supposed to be as displeased at this oppressive crap-tastic society because I some how fit into it’s beauty ideal? Are ugly people the only people allowed to be angry? To have a scowl on their face? Pardon me for not making your day more pleasant; I was unaware that was my role in society, but, now that you, Big & Tall man, have told me to I will just skip and hop along in my delusional world of rainbows and butterflies.

Maybe if I didn’t have to maneuver around fat asses, retards and crazies every day I would be a bit more happy. Maybe if people got off my back about what facial expressions I need to make I would perhaps smile voluntarily. But for now, all you assholes who tell other people what to do with their faces can go fuck yourself. If I’m so beautiful shouldn’t you be honored to look at me no matter what look I’m giving you?

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