Sunday, December 11, 2011

Turn and Face the Strain. Chh. Chh. Changes.

Moving. One of life’s greatest joys. There really is nothing better than putting all of one’s stuff into boxes and bags, throwing them in an expensive rental truck, driving the ridiculously large rental truck through a big city and then carrying all the stuff (why is there so much stuff?) into a new place. It just makes me want to move every other weekend it’s so much fun.

But besides the paragraph of dripping sarcasm, perhaps I could dig a little deeper and find something a bit more meaningful.

Here goes.

Moving. A time of transition. The act itself, the carrying heavy objects over and over again is a sign of one’s commitment to change. A must needed physical challenge that gives the mind time to adjust to the idea that, yes, this is really happening. See, the bed is going into a new bedroom. The desk is going into a new office. The tv stand is going into a new living room (slowly and surely but it’s going). Watch as it all unfolds.

This time around I was luckily enough to have help from an (relatively) old loyal friend as well as a very new super awesome friend. Moving is where friendship is tested. If you can survive a move, you can pretty much survive anything. And the experience is always there to loom over the person when other favors are asked, such as, “remember that time I helped you move and like, you made me carry that massive bookshelf and I almost DIED?!? Now, please do ____ for me, you owe me.” And it’s true. Moving: a time to rack up the friendship favor points.

I don’t know. I’ve never had a problem helping other people move. I mean it doesn’t bother me like it does most people. It’s annoying when I have to move myself... but it’s because I have to organize it, pack it/unpack it, hope no one breaks any of it. When it’s someone else’s move, it’s usually pretty simple and only hard in the manual labor sort of way—which I actually like. It makes me feel like I’m accomplishing something. I am not offering my services to any of you dear readers; I’m just stating how I’ve felt about it in the past.

Anyway. I’m almost all unpacked! I look forward to writing many many lists, here’s a list of the lists I’m going to write.

(I love lists of lists)

1. things we need to buy for apartment

2. things wrong with apartment right now

3. what I need to do online when I go to coffee shop

4. groceries

5. things I want to do in Denver

6. year goals while living in Denver

7. okcupid dates (who’s in, who’s out)

8) things people can buy for me if they want to buy me presents (which everyone should)

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