Friday, December 9, 2011

10 Random Thoughts: Birth Controlled Nuns, Moving from Sexyville, And MORE!!!

1) I wonder if I make better food when I am drunk or if it just tastes better because I am drunk. Not drunk right now. Cooking though and curious if it's going to taste as good as it did last night. Unlikely.

2) For my job I get a lot of google alerts about fertility. Lately what's been trending is whether or not nuns should take birth control pills since they're child-less and at great risk for developing ovarian cancers etc. I'd just like to point out--they're nuns--they have GOD on their side. They don't need birth control, they just need prayer.
3) Speaking of birth control; I just saved one of my (many) vibrators from imminent battery-acid death! Long Live Snorkledorkle!?! Snicklewinkle?!? Whatever. Do people really name sex toys? Or do they just do that in the movies? Also, fun fact, in most Asian countries it is considered a sin to have sex with an inanimate object, which is why almost all current vibrators have faces on them. And why it's probably a good idea to give them a name. Snickadickle it is!

4) While on the subject of naming; I’ve decided to call my bass Chuck Bass, all of you non-gossipgirl lovers wouldn’t understand. But it's bass (as in guitar) and Bass (as in the fish). And I'll get to say, "I'm playing Chuck Bass hard." Which makes me giggle inside like a little school girl.
5) I should be getting my car back today, which is perfect timing because I'm moving to Denver TONIGHT!!! Crazy it's already happening. I'm pretty excited for it though, there seems to be a welcoming scene of beautiful creative people. Plus like so much more music happening, which I think is going to be therapy for my ears and my soul.

6) Will I miss Boulder? Nah, it's only like 40 minutes away. And everything I really liked about Boulder, The Catacombs, being close to the mountains, Pearl Street, ended when I moved to the south side anyway. Certain people I will miss, but again. We're not that far away.

7) A friend of mine and I were talking about the concept of "Friends with Benefits" the other day. She was saying that no guy ever really believes a girl wants that. And after I thought about it, I realized it all comes down to their over-inflated egos. They couldn't possibly imagine that a girl wouldn't want to be with them forever.

Listen guys, you're not as amazing as you think you are; sure I'm sure some of your ARE amazing to certain women. But to women actually actively seeking FwB status these women may think you're fun to be around, they may even think you're fun to have sex with, but that doesn't mean they want to ride away with you on a white horse into the sunset. (I plan to go into this more soon, it's a big one).

8) My hair is getting long...which is funny because it's still so short. I can't decide if I want to grow it out to more of a bob-like thing or re-chop it into a nice little pixie. I love having a pixie, it's the best haircut ever (in regards to maintenance, time, energy, effort). So. I may have just answered my own question. Unless there is strong resistance from my readers--like you can really convince me otherwise--I'm open to negotiations here.

9) Why are my feet ALWAYS so cold? I think it's because they're so big, blood just gives up when it gets there and is like, nope, not going to be able to circulate these things.

10) On a quick serious note--I just want to throw a shout out to all my friends who have been there with me through this transition (and to the new ones who have made me realize it's a good one to be going through)--appreciate the love.

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