Thursday, December 22, 2011

And Life Just Gets More Entertaining When Your Parent's Dog Picks Out Your Dates.

My mom's dog Mindy recently helped me respond to a message I got on a popular free online dating site. Many people have asked me why I do this...

There are SOME cute guys. But really, the best way to look at it is like a garden... I am the garden and I have to keep plucking all of these weeds out. But occasionally I'll let a pretty flower blossom, but only if it's pretty. Then I'll pluck it's pretty head off and stick it in a vase until it withers up and dies and then I'll throw it away.

This particular guy was a doode who asked me if I wanted to chat. . .

Also, I apologize for the incredibly boring blogs lately. I umm... lead a very boring life right now. I mean, I'm not that bored. But I know I'm not very entertaining to you all.

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  1. So did her response render some validity to dogs being man's best friend? ;-)