Saturday, December 31, 2011

I Think I Am a Ghost: Champagne Resolutions For All That Will Be New.

I resolve to revolve around myself more
to smoke cigarettes and take more drugs
to find fun in the mundane window panes
and spackled paint jobs
to get more sun

I resolve to involve more people in my schemes
to read fashion magazines and blow off
steam by rhyming words with dream
so it seems, it's hard to stop
but that's okay.

I resolve to dissolve all my drama
as quickly as soap bubbles in water
Dawn not just a grease fighter
stain booster, but drama reducer
staying clean and fresh
like lemon zest

I resolve to evolve as a positive life force
of sun goddess quality
growth unbuttoned
a blouse in the breeze.

I resolve to solve
all mysteries

I resolve to solve
all mysteries.

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