Sunday, March 14, 2010

Time: It's on "The Man"s Side.

Daylight Savings Time always seems to highlight the arbitrariness of clocks. I know I’ve talked about this before but it’s a good topic to delve into…this time yesterday it was 2 but today it’s 3, or yesterday it was 5 but today it’s 4. It’s a contained and controlled Wonderland. Cats can’t talk here but many know how to use the toilet and that my dears is just as weird. It’s funny how we’re all tied to time, yet how it can be collectively moved a whole hour if we want it to…it makes you wonder what else we could move… I know what I would choose…what would you?

If time is money and we can change time, couldn’t we also change money? Could we somehow make it so it stops fucking so many people over? More sunlight—ookay thanks, that’s great, but what else ya got? I bet you have more tricks than that up your sleeve dear government. I want to see the show. I hope it’s even more magical than when Alice falls down that hole.

I don’t know ya’ll. All I can think about is the tick tocking of control. The watch is watching. How would life be different if time wasn’t so divided, so rigid, so by the clock? If time wasn’t money. If time was just moments and segments of a life and money was a figment of our imaginations?

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