Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Another Conspiracy (Christian Fundamentalist) Theory

I believe the news is getting carried away with Christian fundamentalists, white supremacists, and other crazy violent groups for the sake of justifying the republican agenda... Here are my three main points.

1) Anti-government groups have always existed. When Bush was in office there were Christian fundamentalists, white supremacists and other crazies blowing shit up, trying to overthrow the government, etc. but we never heard about them.

2) People who control big business are people who control the media are people who are generally hardcore conservative Republicans.

3) The big business-republican-controlled media is setting up the crazy so that when something "crazy" happens to the first black president we are all already prepared for it. WHAT? You ask. I mean seriously, think about it. What better way to accept the inevitable than to show crazy racist violent assholes over and over again on our main sources of media.

Because, really, how stupid is it to show a plot that didn't actually occur, "They were going to kill a cop and then kill all the cops that show up to the first cop's funeral". The news just gives away the un-used plots for other insane supremacist to actually carry out. It's like they want them to. Someone wants them to...obviously the newscasters are just reading whatever is put in front of them, BUT whoever is actually in control of what the entire nation hears, over and over again, wants us to subconsciously accept that there are severe crazies in the world and there is nothing we can do about it.

I feel like we're being slowly set up for another civil war. Except all of us rational open-minded folks don't want to blow shit up, which means we will probably get fucked by all the people who actually don't understand what it means to "love thy neighbor" even if they claim to live "by the bible".

I have a suggestion, let's just ship all the racist, fundamentalist assholes to Texas and let them rot there. They can have their land and we can live peacefully.

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