Monday, March 8, 2010

The possiblity of more assholes on earth....not on my watch

Perhaps I am too old for the abortion twenty-five I am set in my ways and I am not backing down. You can sit there and yammer on and on but I will not budge on this one.

Because we live in a very neoliberalistic society where CHOICE is our number one priority, down to the choice of privatizing almost all government run programs how can we alter one of the most vital? Surely if we can chose between 37 different types of ranch dressing or 53 types of marinana sauce we can let the one about aborting a fetus stay intake?

And why the fuck should you care? If you're not the one having the abortion is it really YOUR problem? It actually becomes more of a problem if the woman gives birth because that is another potential asshole you have to deal with. Do we really need more assholes roaming the earth? According to a statistic-- there are 1.3 million abortions performed in the United States per year (The Boundaries of Her Body 293). Imagine how much more fucked up the world would be if even more people were attempting to live on it...

The earth has already reached beyond capacity when it comes to human existence.

Let's all just be honest here. The future is not "our children" the future is us. The future is how we treat the people who already exist, not how we treat a ball of jumbled up cells inside a woman's womb. A woman should have the choice, it is her body, not yours.

Again, I am old. I am set in my old-timer ways.

I will not budge and neither should Roe.


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  2. personal choices are vital, i'm down with that.
    the people fighting against roe are also those resisting health care reform because they think it allows too much government interference (also those who want to add things like Stupak Amendments). They are the ones TRULY interfering with people's lives. they should be afraid of themselves, it'll come back to bite them someday...i hope.

    long live CHOICE

    p.s. perhaps you've already come across these books but if you're interested i recommend Michelle Goldberg, "the means of reproduction" and Cristina Page, "how the pro-choice movement saved america" on this subject. met both of them, super down-to-earth, roe-protecting, choice-without-judgement advocates.

    love following your blog!