Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Art of: Motivating Myself

I came up with idea for a fictional bizarro feministy satirical story. I started outlining it and I have come to the conclusion that it is not going to be short, in fact it will probably be at least a novella length. I shy away from saying novel because if I say novel then the story will never get off the ground. I am making this idea public for one major reason. I need YOUR help. I need you to bug me occasionally by asking me how my writing is going.

I have a major problem of coming up with all sorts of ideas. This may not seem like a problem to you but the issue is that I will come up with something, start it, then fail to follow through, because along the way I came up with something I liked more and decided to switch ground and work on it instead.

That being said I have several writing projects in the works, but only 1 almost to a send-off point. Since one of my goals in life is to be a writer and since the only way you can claim the title of writer is if you have gotten something published (or at least send work off in hopes of it getting published) I need to push myself a little harder.

I have two essays that should be sent to literary journals by the end of April.
I have this bizarro story I just came up with.
I have a project that consists of a collection of essays written in the "purgatory stage" of my life between undergrad and graduate school when I worked at AppleBees and drank enough to forget that I had to work there.
I also need to write songs for our next Pervertable Tongues album.

That being said. I have piled a lot on my plate and would love it if you made sure I ate it all.

Call. Text. Email. Comment. Do whatever. If you do I may put you in my dedications---how much of an incentive is that.... oh yeah, that's worthwhile of your time!

Also if you have a preference for what you'd like to read, let me know and I'll focus my attention on those pieces first...


Tomorrow my blog may be more entertaining than this... we shall hope and we shall see.

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  1. So, how's the different projects coming along? Have you finished the essays for the literary journals?