Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My Boobs Do Not Need to Rest.

Has anyone else tried to buy a bra lately?

It's ridiculous out there.

All I wanted was a basic black bra lightly padded/lined so my nipples wouldn't stick out of my sweaters like they like to do.

What were my options?

Pillows for my breasts.
That's right. All of the bras were so padded it would have been like a bed for my boobs.

I mean really?

This is fucked up in multiple ways--mainly the illusion of bigger breasts for no one's gain except maybe some creepo at a bar, cause once you take it off the real size will shine through. And what's the point really if every woman is wearing a bra that makes their boobs 2x larger, everyone would still have the same size, the only difference is we'd all seem so much bigger--the small boobs would still be smaller (even if they appeared larger).

Also, shirts. If you buy a bra that makes your boobs two to three times larger than they typically are, your shirts aren't going to fit like they used to.

What's wrong with breasts of all sizes? It would be really boring and unsexy if women all had 36Cs (that's me in case you want to buy me a non-pillow bra), and boobs probably wouldn't be as fascinating as they are in our society.

It just weirded me out.

Eventually I found one hidden amongst the inflated masses. So, at least some regular bras still exist. For now. No telling what they'll invent for our boobs' futures.

(Maybe we can invent a society that likes boobs... just as they are)

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  1. I'd be happy to be a part of that society! Heck, I think Milla Jovovich is beautiful, even with almost no boobs! Now that was just an example, don't think I am going for only supermodel types here. Reminds me of this stand-up comedian, can't remember who it was, who said - paraphrasing here - "Maybe they should start making padded underwear for men too - that way, when they take it off in the bedroom, and if the girl is disappointed, we can always say that they were just meant for enhancement purposes!" Yep, still a pretty shallow world out there - it's all about enhance, modify, falsify in every way possible to just keep up an appearance along stereotypical lines! Unbelievable!