Friday, October 7, 2011

Multiple Personalities Soon to Hit the Big Screen.

How do you all feel about Lipface making a come-back?

I was thinking about turning her into a video blog about fashion. Cuz, she obviously knows what's up.

You can see the full photo series, Lipface Gets Crunk here.

I was also thinking about creating a whole new character, one where I have a pencil-thin mustache, and video blogging about art...and by video blogging I mean making fun of it (in a playful respectable way).

I'm probably going to need an editor (Katie I'm looking at you).

And if you have your own character we can do a show together--Like Joan and Melissa Rivers in the Fashion Police but better.

This could be awesome. It could be. It could.

(But I actually have to make it happen + buy more lipstick)

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