Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What a Shame We're Not More Dirty.

I recently watched the John Waters' movie, A Dirty Shame.

Waters is brilliant. Sure many of his movies are absolutely disgusting, but that's the point. To go where no one else will (publicly) go.

I enjoyed watching A Dirty Shame because it addresses our sexual fears of abnormality head on. Waters doesn't apologize or try to hide weird human sexual practices in any way. By making them over the top and absurd he creates a space for people to actually explore their own sexualities knowing that whatever they do can't possibly be as weird as what was seen in that movie.

Just like in the abortion-themed movie Citizen Ruth, (dir. Alexander Payne) this movie does a powerful job of revealing how both sides, the prudes and the sex addicts are just down right ridiculous.

Though many of his films are hard to watch because of their grotesqueness I still find them important in the overall scheme of sexual acceptability. He does a great job of riding the line. Of just throwing it all out there. Of being completely filthy, rotten, nasty, perverted. And we need that. As a prudish uptight society, we need to let it out a little bit. Perhaps a lot.

All I know is that it was nice to watch a film that didn't fit into the generic prince and princess sunset escapism romantic comedy crap. And I'd really like more films (including other directors/writers) to push these boundaries.

As well as people in their every day lives.

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