Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Food v. Sex: What's a Woman to Choose?

Sometimes I get really sad when I'm eating because I realize that the food will soon be gone and the deliciousness that is happening in my mouth will all be over.

And when I say sad, I mean I honestly think about not eating it. To save it. To savor it. When I was a child I used to store food in my cheeks like a chipmunk. I don't think my mom thought it was cute.

I believe this sadness is why I often have candy left over from halloween in December. Or an Easter bunny chilling in the freezer in August. Or why I'm so picky about when to eat the cupcakes I just made. Or the amount of my mom's homemade pickles I can eat every day (1).
my vegan homemade marble swirl cupcakes with "buttercream" frosting.

I hear people say that they plow through bags of cookies...or eat a whole bag of chips at once. I can't do this. I eat a small amount and then put them away because I want to have them again and again.

Perhaps this is why I am appalled by the way Ryan eats. (He knows this by now so I assure you he shouldn't be offended.) He takes mega-big bites and I swear he swallows the food before he even tastes it---though he claims that he just likes the flavors to fill his whole mouth. Whatever. I know everyone does their own food thing, but seriously, how can people eat that fast?

And how come I'm not fatter? I mean, you would think I'd be popping food in my mouth every second if my tongue enjoys tastes so much. It must be that fear of the tastes being there for one moment and then never being there I don't even bother.

I saw a post once that said women think about food more than sex.



There are just so many different types of foods out there and different ways you can cook them. Why wouldn't we? Food is not as risky as sex. Most food doesn't have the potential to give us transmitted diseases (minus ecoli etc). And food will never get us pregnant.

Of course if we eat too much food fewer people will think about having sex with there's that downfall. And another potential reason why women think more about food than sex--they're not thinking about eating it, they're thinking about not eating it so people will find them more attractive. And that is fucked up.

But that's not how I think about food. I like to have a healthy relationship with it, where it likes me and I like it and we're in a beautiful egalitarian relationship with each other.

And food and I work together on me getting over my random bouts of sadness when I take the last bite. (Knowing that I will eventually get another last bite the next time I eat).

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