Friday, November 26, 2010

Vegan: Days 5-10

Day 5 Nov. 19th

Breakfast: oatmeal

Lunch: orzo stirfry w/ faux chick’n

Snacks: toast w/vegan butter

Dinner: fries + beer (healthiest dinner ever!)

Day 6 Nov. 20th

Breakfast: vegan doughnuts & half/vegan chocolate chip muffin

(Who said being vegan meant only eating "healthy" food?)

Lunch: leftover orzo stir fry

Snacks: black grapes, white beans, pecans, salad (lettuce + carrots + sunflower seeds + Italian dressing)

Dinner: Tofu stirfry with brown rice

Day 7 Nov. 21st

Breakfast: doughnut holes with blackberries and pineapple

Lunch: left-over orzo

Snacks: salad

Dinner: black bean and butternut squash chili

Day 8 Nov. 22nd

Breakfast: toast w/ vegan butter

Lunch: Hapa tofu bowl

Snacks: popcorn

Dinner: more chili yum!

Day 9 Nov. 23

Breakfast: half a vegan muffin

Lunch/Dinner: pasta w/ chick'n patty.

Day 10 Nov. 24

Breakfast: toast with fruit

Lunch: baked potato w/ chili on top

Dinner: Pueblo Corn Pie

Thoughts: Coming along.

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