Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Vegan: Day 1

Monday November 15th

Breakfast: Chipotle Mashed Potatoes on Toast with Sunflower seeds.

Lunch: Edamame and a tofu yakiniku rice bowl from Hapa Sushi (elephant journal Monday meeting).

Snack: black grapes and whole wheat crackers.

Dinner: MORE chipotle mashed potatoes, spinach, and tempeh BBQ sandwich.

Thoughts: Yes, I know this was a weird breakfast choice but hey, it included toast so it's not that strange. I just have problems with breakfast particularly because I never crave sweets in the morning and it seems like everything savory either takes a lot of work (tofu scramble etc.) or includes eggs (eggs in a hole has been our stand-by for like 2 years now. I should eat oatmeal or something but I just can't get myself to get into it. As I said before...if my coffee made itself then I'd be better at cooking a morning meal.


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