Tuesday, May 25, 2010

When and Why Did We Stop the Riot?

In 1993 when riot grrrl was at its “peak” I was in 3rd grade. I knew nothing about them and didn’t really discover the movement until it was technically over—my first year of grad school. I still fell in love. With the ideas, with the music, with the zines. With “Suck My Left One.” (click here to watch a clip)

Saturday I went to a riot grrrl cover show and it blew my mind. Finally I was able to see all this theory, all this music come to life (in a very post-modern fashion).

It gave me great pleasure to at last see so many angry women in a room channel that anger into a creative outlet. I was captivated. And it all honesty it helped release some the anger I’ve had built up for a while. I now feel a sense of calm.

Why? Because I got to witness other women making it happen. And maybe it’s my fault for being poor and not being able to go to shows all the time, but I feel like finding badass women in the music scene is a challenge in itself and then making it to a show on top of discovering them is even more difficult as they seem to be few and far between.

What is the deal? Why can’t we revive parts of the movement and start out own? I feel a major disconnect, I feel a lack of community, where are you all? Do you want to help me make it happen? Connection, Community, Creativity.

I’ll be out here, doing what I can and I would love for you to join me, let’s channel our anger, our happiness, our fears into elements of transformation. Let’s get this moving again. What do you say?

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