Thursday, May 27, 2010

Classroom Sex. . .Let's Get it On!

In class last night we were discussing how to bring up topics of sexuality, specifically homosexuality in the classroom. We had read this article about teaching LGTBQ, and we had also watched the documentary It’s Elementary which shows teachers bringing up the topic to tackle ideas surrounding discrimination, stereotypes etc.

In any case, I brought up this idea and just got blank stares, followed by a change in subject:

I believe that the institution of education hinders the growth, understanding and development of our sexuality. Why? Because it does not allow us to choose what we want to do but tells us we must be in a certain place for a certain amount of time and only learn about the topics someone else thinks is important for us to know. It gives us lack of choice, and the topic of sexuality is almost only talked about through students interacting with other students, neglecting any mature discussion or informed experience.

What I am suggesting is a more open environment to learning. How many times in jr. high and high school did you sit at your desk day dreaming of other things, even sexual things?

Why can’t we learn when we want to learn, have sex when we need to have sex, get our spirituality on when we want some more spirit instead of always conforming to a 9 to 5 mentality that forces us to do things that we may not be entirely interested in doing at that time period?

Am I crazy?

Am I the only one who can see past the institutions that have so ruled our lives? I mean obviously not since that’s one of Foucault’s main points. And yet we still have done little about changing that—our prisons, our schools, our work schedules all run on very similar patterns and structures. This is a major issue. An issue that I would put on the same problem level as patriarchy and all the interlocking oppressions that hinder our ability to reach our full human potential.

And that is my main goal in life—helping others (and myself) do all we can to reach our full potential—whatever that may entail.

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