Monday, May 17, 2010

To Done: Bahai Temple

This temple was amazing in it's design. It even had a concept I could almost dig: there core principles include: elimination of all forms of prejudice, equality between men and women, harmony of science and religion, world peace upheld by a world government, spiritual solutions to economic problems and universal education.

Their main concept is that God has revealed himself and his teachings through a series of divine messengers--the main prophets you often hear about. At the temple they have devotions where several people read text from different forms of religious scripture, so there are bible versus and Koran versus etc. There were no sermons or requests for donations.

So in a way it was nice. But do not get me wrong. It still rubbed me the wrong way. Here are the two reasons why,
1) They still assume god as a patriarchical figure, as only the masculine pronoun is used in relation to their beliefs.
2) They talk on and on about unity. They say that we're all connected, but then they contradict themselves by saying that God is all-powerful, that God is an individual, instead of God being part of the connection.

No wonder humans are confused and lack spiritual enlightenment. Or I guess I should say, no wonder it took me so long to see our connections with one another--God was getting in the way. The God that controls us like we're puppets. It doesn't work like that, not for me.

The only way I can see god is by seeing god in everything and realizing that what is god, is us, is our connections, our unity. Yet, we are not united and that is why there are so many problems: hate, discrimination, murder, spite-- because we can not get over individuality. If we could find a way to balance ourselves with each other I think we'd all be much better off. But who am I? I am definitely not a preacher, just a person looking for peace.

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