Thursday, May 13, 2010

Chicago Politics, Another WTF

I saw on the news that Scott Lee Cohen is attempting to run for governor; the story topic covered the fact that he first has to get so many people to sign his petition to be on the ballet this fall. That was the entire story. They forgot to mention that Scott Lee Cohen was the dude who got elected to run for lieutenant governor during this year’s primary. They also forgot to mention that he was the same dude who backed out of the nomination because that very same news leaked a story regarded his personal life. One that included the fact that he pulled a knife to a woman’s throat (his gf at the time) and threatened to kill her. But now that he is aiming to become the governor I guess we can forget that he’s a piece of shit. I guess we can just sign his fucking petition because what’s another scum bag, abusive, fucked-up douche in Chicago politics?

I can just briefly make a parallel to the book 1984. In it, the main characters job was to change the facts in newspapers, so that whoever they were at war with at the time were the people they were always at war with. . .etc. Now, why is that OUR “real” news seems to do the same type of shit? Just a few months ago they revealed what a fuck-up this dude was, but now they’re almost defending him. They are hinting that he should have the right to run. The news source is not even mentioning all the stupid things he’s done in his past that directly related to how he’s going to try to run the place, so they’re being compliant and accepting of his actions.

Personally I do not want any guy who’s willing to pull a knife on a woman to be making decisions that affect my life. He seems to think it’s okay and people who sign that petition are basically signing that it is okay to abuse other people. And we’re just cycling patriarchy and oppression over and over again. WTF.

Can I just mention my fetal alcohol syndrome theory again, I mean look at these guys!

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