Thursday, May 20, 2010

More on our Danged Border Land. . .

This article discusses ways you can really boycott Arizona:

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The 3 on the top of the list:
Don’t book a flight on U.S. Airways,
Don't get a domain name through Go Daddy
Don't rent a U-Haul truck.

These are all major companies based in AZ.

And I can definitely do these. This is really good to know because in a few months I will be moving and now I know where not to reserve a truck from--so, sorry U-Haul you are to be avoided.

The concept is pretty interesting as capitalism is so closely tied to politics. Does boycotting businesses in AZ actually make a statement in regards to our anger at their immigration policy? Will corporations start backing their customers instead of the politicians? It doesn't hurt to try, that's for sure.

Also--in regards to immigration did anyone see the McCain TV ad (click here to watch) about getting that danged fence built? WTF? Why don't we spend money on building our danged relationships with people, with opening our danged minds a bit, instead of building some sort of barrier that people are just going to get over one way or the other; because seriously a wall is a wall is a wall you can climb over (or under).

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