Friday, May 7, 2010

We can poop together.

Sex, Potato Chips, and Media Literacy

Gender neutral bathrooms. This is what kept the Equal Rights Amendment from passing. People were afraid that big cocked perverted men may pee on their little tiny daughters, and well that could just not fly. So, the bill did not pass. (And still hasn’t passed for all of you who think we are at some post-feminist time or some bullshit like that.)

But gender neutral bathrooms. Tonight. I will attend a concert at DePaul’s campus. A concert by GenderFork. A concert made specifically to raise awareness and cause DePaul to change its policy and offer gender neutral bathrooms.

Are people still freaked out by this? How many places have we been to, be it a bar or a gas station or a person’s personal home, where there were just bathrooms, not a woman’s bathroom or a man’s bathroom? Doesn’t seem to be any more of a problem than any other bathroom.

And let’s be honest. A bathroom (unless you’re a total and complete perv) is the last sexy place on earth. People SHIT in bathrooms, in case you were unaware and don’t happen to do that yourself. That is right, people poop in toilets. They extract waste from their bowels. Now, don’t you think that if we had gender neutral bathrooms ALL of the sexes would understand each other a bit more; there would be less mystery, less puritanical bullshit surrounding sex, more comfort with one’s own body as well as a understanding that every body is different and that is okay and that is beautiful (well, most of the time).

IDK. I guess I don’t see the big freaking deal. But people like to make them out of simple situations all the time. They must like to because it distracts them from bigger issues and can give them something easy to complain about. A bathroom is a bathroom is a bathroom. We shit. We all shit. Now let’s shit together. (Not literally, see, a bathroom generally has stalls; that’s why it shouldn’t matter if a man or woman or trans wants to go into it).

But alas. There is a concert tonight at DePaul. In the quad from 5 to 9. I will be there (unless it’s still raining), you should come too.

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  1. I don't shit. My waste evaporates into nothing inside of my stomach. I'm cool like that.