Saturday, April 24, 2010

Chicago To Do Before I Move: Update

Chicago Early Music Festival (today, maybe)


Road trip or metra to the Botanical Gardens AND stop at the
Bahai Temple in Evanston/Willmette
Celtic Festival May 8-9
International Mr. Leather or Touche May 28-31
Belmont/Sheffield Music Festival May 29-30
Osaka Japanese Gardens (at Wooded Island in Jackson Park)
See Jake Gyllenhaal in Prince of Persia @ Imax, comes out May 28st so anytime around then

Graduation + Road trip back to KS/CO for Will/Emilys wedding/apartment-search from June 12-24 ish…???
Pride June 25-27 (at least the parade)
First week of June is open!

Road trip to Milwaukee (July 4th weekend w/ EWH and Monica?)
Going Away Party

Any time

Find someone with a boat and go out on the lake
Crepe place in Andersonville
Moody's (a bar with a giant outdoor patio close-ish to my apartment)
Go to the Museum of Science and Industry
Have a martini at the Hancock
Go one last time to the Art Institute
Chicago Supernatural Cruise
Second City

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