Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Art of: Wording

I haven't been blogging for that long. Not even a year. But I've already noticed my own writing habits, such as I think I'm going to write something everyday, thus I am really good at spitting something out at the beginning of the month, then the middle comes around and I slack...big time, so by the end of the month I hop back on the writing train so as not to disappoint myself by not doing what I told myself I would. But does it really matter, what we tell ourselves we're going to do? And why do we tell ourselves we're going to do these things? What is our obsession with doing? Why can't we just be. The only thing I can think of is that even on days when I don't think I have something to write about but then I make myself sit down and churn something out, on those days I often times end up with pretty interesting ideas or thoughts--thoughts that were lurking subconsciously just brewing, stirring, waiting for a day when they could gurgle out of me.

But why do I need to even get those thoughts out? Is it to better understand the world around me? Is it to connect to other humans through our interlocking word comprehension? And if words are our main source for communicating what if there is something we need to express beyond that? Obviously body language isn't read as easily by most--which is why I often exaggerate my postures or my eye rolls to get my point across better. Well. Are we just stuck with what we have then? 26 letters rearranged in different patterns over and over again to make one persons idea interchange between another. So that we are not left just looking at each other, grunting. But why these letters? Why these words? How is it that we can all be so compliant in our language? That we just let words be, that we rarely interrogate, investigate, negotiate their meanings, their symbolicalness.

Only really weird literary types sit around contemplating and arguing over the coolest word, the most annoying sounding word, the most beautiful, the most grotesque, the most spine-chilling.

When was the last time you said a word out loud repeatedly until it lost it's meaning?

Maybe we should all do that more often?

Here are some interesting words to think about:










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